Fall sports at a glance




According to Coach Craig McGaughey, the 2020 softball season has had many game and practice changes due to COVID-19.

Due to all of the changes, the team misses not having fans and students since staff and parents are only attending the games. Senior Addie Taylor mentions she misses the student section but is willing to sacrifice it for the good of everyone’s health.

COVID-19 game protocols include: teams supplying their own softballs, girls not being allowed to congratulate teammates in the dugout, and the girls social distancing on the field when they call timeout or visit the pitcher’s mound. Even with the regulations, the softball team started their season with an 11-3 win against Landmark Christian School.

“I would describe the season as challenging but fun,” said McGaughey. “[COVID-19] has caused many changes to our schedule and all the protocols are really different from what everyone… [is] used to, but we have also had fun, and we are making the best of the situation.”


Over several years of the Cheerleading squad at Mount Pisgah, no season has been as difficult as this one. While the brand new guidelines may pose some challenges for the team, they are still looking forward to some upcoming events.

“I’m looking forward most to the homecoming game,” senior captain Helen Harris said. “I’m looking forward to hopefully having more students in the stands because that will make the football team more excited and the cheerleaders have more spirit.” 

“For practice we can only be together for 10 minutes without being socially distanced,” Harris said. “And for our games, we have to wear a mask during the halftime show. We also can’t run through the big banner anymore because of [COVID-19],” Harris says. 

In spite of these regulations, the cheerleaders have learned to be flexible in order to make practice and games happen in a similar manner to past years.

Cross Country:

Coming into the 2020 cross country season is an amped up Mount Pisgah team. After an incredible 2019 state championship run by the boys, the team is expecting big things. The state run has affected the team in more ways than just the record though.

“The team has been more confident in itself and it shows,” senior Brock Foley said. “Putting more time in outside of school.. [has given] us an even better chance at winning this year.”

Not only is the team more prepared for the season, but Foley also has enjoyed being a senior on the team. It has allowed him to almost take authority and “make sure everybody is ready before the race, either by getting the team hyped or just making sure everyone is warmed up and stretched out.”

This year, the team is coming back stronger than ever, with only one senior graduated from last season and freshman Max Tucker coming in as a huge asset.

“We are currently standing very strong in the region and plan to make a comeback at state, with an even stronger performance,” head coach Emily Payne said.


Although our Mount Pisgah volleyball team has had to endure new policies due to COVID-19 , they have been able to adapt and make the best of their season so far. Team captain, senior Brooke Bini, explained the new protocols the team must follow. 

“We have to wear masks and sit six feet apart on the bench,” Bini said. “We can’t be close in huddles and have to wash our hands before and after practice.”

Bini also expressed that the team misses having the students cheer them on throughout the season. 

“We miss having a student section to play in front of because we usually have fans supporting us,” Bini said.

  However, the team hasn’t allowed these changes to affect how they play this year. The volleyball team is off to a great start, already placing fourth in the region out of 19 other schools. According to junior Dani Chesberough the other teammates are excited about their region play as well.