Masks on!

Tolu Adewumi, News Editor

COVID-19 has brought about many canceled plans and postponed events, but – unexpectedly – it may have brought a new fashion trend. 

First responders have asked society to reserve the N95 masks for medical use so now there are other popular masks that provide sufficient protection as well. Due to this, many have started making masks from clothes, and creative people have caught onto this trend and begun to capitalize on it.

According to the Verge, Etsy has made $346 million from people selling homemade masks alone. Along with this additional revenue, millions have started using Etsy during this pandemic. 

Even Mount Pisgah has started selling masks with the logo for students and faculty to wear at school. Some teams have specific ones. For example, football players all get Mount Pisgah masks with their numbers on them. 

On Mount Pisgah’s campus, it is required for everyone to be wearing a mask if they are mobile. The only reason a mask is not required is when seated and the teacher has given permission or when eating. So the need for this protective wear is necessary and has proven beneficial. 

Throughout the first month of school, there have been no new student cases of COVID-19 since the strict rule has helped to contain the virus. Wearing a mask protects others by containing one’s breath within the masks and reducing how many particles are transferred between people. 

The school nurses, Ashley Mitnick and Paige Howe, are proud of the students, faculty, and staff for taking safety precautions. They believe that if others continue to uphold the mask policy this school year can continue to go as planned.