Volleyball team excited to take on region


Tati Safieh, Staff Reporter

COVID- 19 has made this fall one of the most difficult seasons for all fall sports; yet, the Mount Pisgah volleyball team has spearheaded the many obstacles thrown their way with the aid of new head coach Claire McMasters. 

Prior to the beginning of the season, the team had to begin to adapt to new protocols set in place by GHSA and Mount Pisgah. For example, after a team member comes off of the court and is standing on the sideline, they must immediately put on a mask even while the game is still in progress. As an attempt to lessen the amount of time the girls are in such close proximity to one another, the team was forced to find new ways to celebrate and discuss plays since huddling around one another increases the chances of the spread of the virus.

 However, Coach McMasters said, “The actual game itself has not changed, which is nice.” Both Coach McMasters and the team are grateful for the simple opportunity to play during such a strenuous time. 

Despite the new regulations, the team has bonded over the circumstances and enjoys getting to know their new coach this year. Senior team captain, Brooke Bini, doesn’t have a hard time leading the team because of their close-knit, family type bond.

 “We’re like a family,” says Bini, “and we all have respect for one another.” 

Coach McMasters made it clear to the girls that it’s imperative to support one another, on and off the court. 

“Coming in I didn’t know these girls before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I kind of made it not really an option except to be together at everything and to support each other.” 

McMasters gave the example of the Junior Varsity and Varsity girls required to attend each others games to create an even tighter bond, 

“If Junior Varsity is playing the Varsity volleyball team is required to attend and vice versa so I feel like we’ve created a culture where they all support one another, and they all seem to get along really well and enjoy each other’s company.”

 The team has grown closer at the perfect time too, as they prepare to enter into their region tournament. 

Along with the team getting closer to one another, the team has continued to bond with Coach McMasters over the past three months. Bini claims that part of the reason the team has done so well this season is because of their new bond with the coach. 

“Our team has really bonded with the new coach and because of this new chemistry I think that we see an improvement overall.”

The team’s intimate relationship with their coach, coupled with her new modern coaching style is part of the reason the team has been so successful in their region play this year. Games such as Mount Bethel, where the team exhibited the corrections they were working all season is part of what makes the sport so rewarding. During the Mount Bethel game the team focused on cutting down errors and not giving the opposing team easy points. Thus, making this game their best game all season. 

The volleyball team is excitedly anticipating their upcoming region tournament, ready to take on their opponents head on. 

“We’re excited to compete and hit our peak in the region tournament,” says Bini.