iPhone 12 coming October during rough year for Apple


Lizzie Weer, Staff Reporter

Recently, Apple has been hard at work creating their new iPhone while struggling with the tough times brought on by COVID-19. Many Apple stores across the world have temporarily closed down due to COVID-19 which has restricted the company to sell their products primarily online. Despite these challenges, Apple has faced over the past year, the iPhone 12 is likely to reach stores around October 13. 

iPhone 12 was originally supposed to be displayed in Apple’s September 2020 launch event, but the pandemic has pushed the release back. The Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air 4, 10.2 inch iPad, and the Apple Watch service bundle became the focus of the event instead.

The iPhone 12 is said to come in four sizes including the Mini, Max, Pro, and Pro Max, but the names are subject to change. The new phone is also rumored to come in silver, space gray, and navy blue and will most likely have a starting price of $649. 

But just how many people are interested in buying the iPhone 12? According to Pisgah students, only 31.4% of those who were surveyed were interested in an upgrade, while 39.5% said no and finally, 29.1% said they were unsure. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting everyone’s opinion of the phone, however if the student body survey is indicative of how most people feel about the new phone,that more people don’t want to buy it than those that do, Apple should be concerned. 

Many people who are interested in Apple’s new product may not even be able to test it out beforehand due to the lack of open stores. This issue is might drive away some potential customers because they won’t be able to see exactly what they are buying. This could be disastrous for Apple, as fewer in-store customers would likely cause the company to struggle even more.

While Apple may loose a lot of its in-store customers, they are bound to have more online shoppers looking for new products. Although most consumers won’t be able to see the features of Apple’s recent additions, they can easily find out about them with a quick search online. 

Despite Apple’s recent decline in sales, it appears that company might not have as hard  a time getting back to its fit as other businesses amidst the disaster of COVID-19.