Stop treating Thanksgiving like a middle child


Eve Hicks, Staff Reporter

Every year, everyone tries to rush into Christmas right after Halloween–stores put up their decor and commercials for the next hot gift start rolling–before October is even over. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I hate the fact that people try to rush into it without honoring thanksgiving. 

Christmas is an example of how we as people are always rushing life without living in the moment. Instead of appreciating Thanksgiving, we rush into the next big thing. Thanksgiving is treated like the middle child, always overlooked for the oldest ( like Halloween), or  the youngest (like Christmas). 

Even though Thanksgiving is not as flashy as Halloween with the decorations or  Christmas with all the gifts, there is still so much to love about it. Thanksgiving is a great holiday where people get to come together with loved ones to have a wonderful meal. It is a time of family traditions, where families have their own special dishes and activities. 

Many families love to wake up in the morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to see all the beautiful performances on T.V. or in person. Another fan favorite is enjoying Thanksgiving day football; everyone roots for their own team as they try to take down their rivals. Personally, my family roots for the Atlanta Falcons and sometimes we get to watch them be beat by the New Orleans Saints every year, still holding on to the hope that one year it will be our year. 

  In my family, we have our own special traditions: I always make my famous apple pie and a pecan pie for my mom because that’s her favorite, my mom makes the dressing, also known as stuffing, and my dad makes mac-n-cheese. And of course, who could forget the magnificent turkey!

Thanksgiving is a time for people to take a break and be thankful before rushing into making a list of things we want for Christmas. I’m not saying Christmas isn’t great, I’m just saying that Thanksgiving is too. 

As Mariah Carey, the queen of Christmas, once said “It’s time [for Christmas] but let’s get through Thanksgiving first.” 

Another reason why Thanksgiving is so special is because it represents the founding of the United States of America. The story is that when the pilgrims landed they created a bond with the Native Americans and they shared a meal together.

Two groups of people with completely different backgrounds coming together peacefully is a magical story. It shows that in this politically diverse time that even if people are different they can still come together in peace.