Is Valentine’s Day really that special?


Eve Hicks, Staff Reporter

When you hear Valentine’s Day, what do you think of? Is it the chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals loved ones give to each other? Maybe a fancy dinner or a cheesy hallmark card? Perhaps you just think about the actual day, February 14. 

As we inch closer to this holiday, stores begin to put out every pink and red product they can find to make a profit off of those trying to do something special for their someone special. 

People put so much stress on Valentine’s Day and think that this one random night in February needs to be special. Who decided that this one random day had to be perfect? Because the truth is it is like every other day. One might argue that it’s about the importance of showing appreciation for loved ones on this day, but you can do that any day out of the year. 

Society makes you feel obligated to do something special on Valentine’s Day. However, surprising your loved ones with chocolate and card on a random day is so much more special because you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart. Valentine’s Day is an obligation, while doing a surprise is purely out of love.

Now I’m not saying that you should just skip Valentine’s Day all together, but don’t stress yourself out. Maybe pick out something special and tell your friends and family that you love them to make sure they know. But don’t break your bank on a fancy dinner just because Hallmark tells you that you should.

So don’t stress about making the perfect plan for this one day out of the year, instead do special things for your loved ones throughout the year. Just because society has lifted the day February 14 up on a pedestal doesn’t mean it’s any more special than the other 364.