I don’t know

Eve Hicks, Staff Reporter

As my senior year is swiftly approaching, the question of “what do you want to do with your life” is beat down upon me. Everyone around me seems like they have their answers but honestly I am just lost.

I am only sixteen years old and somehow I am supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life. That’s a lot of pressure. How is a dumb, clueless sixteen year old supposed make a life altering decision so easily? 

Even wide-eyed kindergarteners are asked the same questions. Although it’s all good and fun hearing a seven-year-old say they want to be a police officer or a unicorn when they grow up, it places unknown pressure on them.

In elementary school I was stressed about grades because I thought it meant I wouldn’t be able to be a doctor. Now that I am much older I have zero interest in being a doctor, but because in lower school I was constantly asked what I wanted to be I felt immense pressure. 

Now that I am a junior this pressure is luring over me more than ever. If someone asked me this question today I would probably say something like a teacher or some career in business, but to be completely honest I still don’t know.

However, when I admit my confusion I get critical looks like I should already have a plan. But I am only in high school and I know that one day I will figure it out.

Hopefully sooner than later, but even if I don’t in high school I shouldn’t feel like there is something wrong with me.

  If you ever feel pressure on yourself to figure out your entire life while you’re in high school, don’t worry because no one truly knows what’s going on. Sometimes it feels like so many people have their lives put together, but honestly everyone is a hot mess. Take comfort in the fact that everyone is somewhat lost. 

Maybe I will end up being a doctor like my lower school self dreamed or maybe I will become the next president. There are an infinite number of paths my life could take but for now I just don’t know.