Switch to Blackbaud receives mixed responses from upper school student body


Lindsey Costa, News Reporter

Some students say switching to Blackbaud has been the most stressful thing about the start of this school year.

The transition to Blackbaud for students has been a bit of a bumpy road, from troubles of navigating through it to complications submitting assignments.

Though students have found positives they also found many negatives.

“The hardest feature would probably be having to check our grades as you have to go totally out of the way to make them appear,” junior Kaden Alford.

Many students have had the same problems, according to senior,Eve Hicks.

“Blackbaud has made it more complicated to submit things; every teacher is doing it differently because they don’t know how to work it either,” Hicks said. “It took me a month to figure out how to check grades. Since the layout is so different from Schoology it took me a while to figure out where everything is.”

Teachers have also had a tough time when Blackbaud was introduced to them during the spring of last school year. They had to teach themselves how to use it while using Schoology. Learning Blackbaud got added to their routine on top of lesson planning and grading assignments.

AP Coordinator and Scheduling Director Latonia Anthony, known to teachers as the “queen of Blackbaud” is the person to ask when you have questions.

“Most of the questions I get asked are about the gradebook and comparisons between Schoology and Blackbaud,” Anthony stated. “The major difference between the two is that Blackbaud houses all the student data.”

Some students have found many Switch to Blackbaud receives mixed responses from upper school student body By Lindsey Costa positives in Blackbaud.

“I think it could be better but it is going to take us all a while to adjust,” Hicks added. “Blackbaud has everything in one placel.”

Many students have also found that the calendar and other features help them a lot.

“I like the calendar features as I feel like it is more customizable than Schoology was. I also like how we can see our absences and our schedule,” said Alford.

Sophomore Thomas Tran also added, “I like the calendar in Blackbaud because it tells me my schedule and some of the things I need to do.”

It is only the beginning of the year and we are all still learning how to get by.