Softball team optimistic about season ahead


Teammates Savannah Simmons, Erin Parker, and Grace Hudson embrace

Jackson Rowand

There are also a lot of new faces in the softball family. Even though the previous seniors had a huge impact on their team, the 2021 team gained five new freshmen: Ella Brock, Callie Cavender, Diana Guzman, Riley Pickren, and Mireli Serrano. The team also has a key returning player who was a first-team all-region member in Senior Grace Hudson.

Isabel Kirby, the primary pitcher, shared what she thinks it will take for the team to succeed.

“In my opinion, the mental side of softball is extremely important. Most of the time in this sport you are not going to be perfect so being able to stay confident and positive even when you are not at your best is very beneficial. Especially being a pitcher, I have to stay calm on the mound so that I can be my best so that the team can win.”

“Transitioning from travel to school ball is a big change but overall being confident and collected is something that tends to be one of my strengths even when things are not going well.”

Due to lots of rained-out games, the schedule has presented challenges including playing four games in a row.

“This year, the team has competed very well,” Sophomore Isabel Kirby said.

“With all the rainouts we have been having, we have had to reschedule to have several games in a week. Although we are all tired, the team has been able to push through to play the best we can.”

The team has faced lots of adversity throughout the beginning of their season.

“This season we started off with not enough players to fill a roster,”  said Erin Parker.

“However, the girls we added have adjusted super well to being thrown into softball on the fly and we keep getting stronger as the season continues.”

They continue with grit and determination and look forward to their upcoming games.

“The softball team is a family,” Savannah Simmons said.

“We laugh till we cry together, we encourage each other, we are there for one another when they are going through a hard time. We are sisters and we are building bonds that will never be broken.”

Even though they are tired, both mentally and physically, the team continues to have a positive mindset and continue to look forward to the rest of their season.