Mount Pisgah makes strides in school culture


Livia Shiroishi, Opinion Writer

Most people believe that school is meant for academic growth, and the only purpose for high school is to improve your education and move on to college. But what so many other schools fail to focus on, Mount Pisgah makes a priority. 

Relationships are true connections between teachers, students, and administration. Instead of brushing by hundreds of strangers in the hallways on the way to class, you see friends and classmates that smile and say a quick “hello.” 

A welcoming atmosphere like this one creates an open space, which allows for discussion and growth. This allows students at Pisgah to share their stories and release their stress or anxiety in a healthy way. By sharing their struggles to the mentor-like teachers at Pisgah, students learn to face their problems in an intelligent manner.

Without these vulnerable relationships, students’ anxiety may build up, and eventually they could react in a negative light. This open and joyful atmosphere is just one of the many ways Pisgah provides incredible support to its community. 

Junior Tolu Adewumi says “getting to see [her small group] everyday was great” and that they “bonded in ways [they] didn’t think [they] could.”

The unique aspects of Mount Pisgah, like small groups, provide endless potential for students to connect with their fellow students and create relationships that reach beyond just high school. 

Junior Anna Izquierdo believes that Mount Pisgah has “welcomed [her] into their life with open arms” and has taught her that “actions have the potential to impact one’s life for years to come.” 

Mount Pisgah’s impact on students extends far beyond academic success. While teachers provide a strong support system for academic improvement, the most moving part of Pisgah is centered in personal experiences. This culture isn’t carelessly created, but rather carefully enriched by each and every student. The teachers at Mount Pisgah provide the foundation of this inviting culture. 

Chorus teacher Audriana Johnson strives to “cultivate an environment of safety and trust with [her] students” in order to help them grow academically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Students should cherish Mount Pisgah’s welcoming environment because we are all allowed to grow further not only in our faith, but overall in their lives. This nourishment is what sets Pisgah apart from so many other schools. The relationships of Mount Pisgah truly make this school one of a kind.