What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?

Aida Yarbou, Lifestyle Writer


Lucia Pantigozo: “Normally my parents don’t let me choose what I want for Christmas. Just on my birthday, so all I expect is the things that they think I will like. It more what they want to give me than what I want.”

Alec Reynolds: “The ability to grow a mustache like Steve Harvey.”


Ryan Getchell: “Air-pods so I can listen to music without cords.”

Hale.y Agin: “I would really like some new clothes like some leggings, some lulu leggings, and maybe some new shoes. Oh and gas money.”


Sean Ainsworth: “Airpods”

Caroline Morrison: “A good GPA”


Monet Dance: “I want a pony.”

Reilly Tenner: “Music stuff, like stuff for a music studio. Mics, midi keyboards, and all that kind of stuff.”


Ms. Dover: “I really don’t want anything because I really don’t need anything. Just spend time with my family, grandchildren, and my children.”

Mr. Bruce: “I’m always good to get new Starbucks mugs and USC football gear to wear like baseball caps, jerseys, the whole thing.”