A Tribute to the 2010s


A collage of various iconic images from the 2010’s

Samara Samad, Lifestyle Writer

Dear, 2010s

As our time together concludes, we want to thank you for all the memories you have shared…

Thank you for the late nights watching iCarly and Victorious on Nickelodeon until the George Lopez Show came on. Thank you for the hundreds of times we’ve dabbed, whipped, nae naed, hit the quan, and flossed. Thank you for endless Taylor Swift hits and Justin Beiber jams. Thank you for the times we wished One Direction would notice us in the crowd of one of their concerts and invite us to come on stage during the encore of “What Makes You Beautiful.” Thank you for the lazy Saturdays playing Minecraft and battling other ninjas in the Club Penguin Dojo. Thank you for the times we thought we could win the “Hunger Games” like Katniss. Thank you so much for ridiculous memes that absolutely make no sense.

We will always look at you as a time where we laughed until our stomachs ached and danced like we were shinings stars. We will always look back on you ever so fondly because you helped us grow up and shaped the people who we are. Though a new decade may be starting and the era of our childhood may be closing, we will never forget you and all of our adventures.

Thank you for the memories.

Much love,

Gen Z