Brand New Kicks

Tolu Adewumi, Assistant Editor

Mount Pisgah’s classic patriot uniform colors of red and blue have a new pearly white addition. The school’s select list of footwear was amended and now all-white leather shoes are being added to the daily uniform. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, it was announced that students were allowed to wear these shoes on days that were not dress uniform.

Matt Hixenbaugh, assistant head of the upper school, stands firmly behind this decision and was in agreeance with the other administrative personnel that revised the handbook this summer. He hopes that this addition is a way of  “providing opportunities for comfort” and is expecting it to “create a win-win situation for everyone.”

This decision came to fruition because of many meetings between the assistant heads of each department and was supported by the staff to eradicate the issue of students needing sneakers because of doctor’s notes.  Hixenbaugh believes that the leather shoes complement the uniform better than Sperrys and is happy to see that many students are taking advantage of it.

The response from the student body varies from eagerness to ignorance. Some students found that this addition seemed unnecessary or irrelevant. Some students who are reluctant to purchase the new shoe claim that “it’s too expensive for a school shoe and [that] they get dirty easily.” However, many students have taken advantage of this new addition to the uniform.

This new clothing item is not limited to specific brands, therefore, students are wearing Nike Air Forces, Nike Air Maxes, Adidas Superstars, and even unique brands like Vans or Converse that also offer an all-white leather shoe.

The upperclassmen are more likely to be seen wearing these shoes and this is evident simply by walking through the upperclassman hallway. Seniors commented that they are very excited to have these new shoes even though it is their final year.

The freshmen have yet to adopt this new trend and many of them are in their classic Sperry tan or brown shoes. Most of the reviews for these shoes have been positive.