Flourish: behind the scenes


The 2020 Flourish Team

Danielle DuBois, News Editor

Flourish: a time for Mount Pisgah girls to truly flourish in their faith and friendships. It’s purpose is to make girls feel loved by their community and God. 

“Flourish gives girls a chance to hang out with friends and be reminded of how loved they are,” said student life coordinator Melanie Murphy. 

A photo from Flourish 2020

Flourish was started by freshmen five years ago.

It is put together by a team of 12 girls who start planning at the end of November. There are many components that going into making this night so special. 

Senior Callie Jordan has loved being on the flourish team for the past 2 years.

“I believe Flourish is important to our school because it is a night to come together and bond as sisters in Christ” said Jordan. 

“Flourish is a night full of community centered around our savior,” said Jordan. “I love getting to sit and talk with girls I don’t talk to on a normal basis and have fellowship together”

With another Flourish having come and gone, many girls have spent that past days thinking about the message and how it has impacted them. 

“Flourish has made an impact on me because it brings out community, and it is the one night when all the girls get to hang out together,” said junior Grace Richey.