A look into the lives of international students at Mount Pisgah


Tolu Adewumi, Assistant Editor

Oliver Wendell Holmes, former Associate Justice, said: “Where we love is home–  home [is where] our feet may leave but never our hearts.”  

Here at Mount Pisgah, many international students come for a better education, but they end up growing to enjoy life in America so much they call it home. 

Jane Kim, a senior from Korea, loves the relaxing environment, of the South specifically, that she has grown to appreciate. 

“It was intimidating when I first moved to the US because I did not know any people, but [they] were so nice and always greeted me,” says Kim.

Junior Kevin Cao has been living in Atlanta for almost 5 years. 

His favorite part of living in America is “the welcoming environment and nice people” who helped him adjust from Sichuan, China.   

Cao has been living with the Bonilla family since he moved here and says “even though they are not blood, they are my biggest supporters.”

He feels that dinners with his host allow them to “laugh and talk about their days together.” 

Jane Kim remarks that her favorite part of the culture is surprisingly “the food delivery system.” 

This may seem comical but according to Kim, “being able to order any type of food in the middle of the night is amazing.”

Kevin also agrees that the food is great here. “Back home, we always ate spicy food, and, thankfully, that is not hard to come by here,” says Cao. 

During clubs twice a month, many international students come together to share culture and converse with one another in the club run by Maria Williams. 

This club reinstates the idea that no matter what country you originate from, there is a place to feel welcome at Mount Pisgah. 

These students are a testament to the fact that home is relative and can be created where there is love, just like Oliver Holmes said.