Jenna Culpepper, Opinion Editor

As each day of social distancing passes, I’ve noticed a few things. One thing that has really caught my eye is the uptick in useless trends on social media like bingos and “until tomorrow.”

Maybe I’ve noticed that because I’ve been on social media a lot, but I think it’s more than that. I’ve never seen so many people hop on meaningless trends. Teenagers seem more bored than ever and that’s because we’re desperately searching for something to fill our time.

One trend starts only to be replaced within 48 hours by the next one. Clearly floating from one trend to the next isn’t working because nothing is sticking.

For the past few weeks, I’ve laid awake at night just hoping for a quick end to this chaos. Every time social distancing has been extended, I hope with all my heart it’s the last time because I miss my life from before all this.

I miss hanging out with friends and going to school and church. I miss not having to think about how it may be weeks and weeks more until I see my best friend again because I miss her. I miss going out of the house and not feeling like it is a risk or a big deal.

I feel on edge because of all that, but I have also discovered an unusual feeling of peace. Usually I make myself very busy day to day. I’m constantly occupied with school, extra curriculars, sports, church, and hanging out with my friends.

In the blink of an eye, that reality of mine came crashing down just as it did for everyone else. I feel like someone has mercilessly ripped a rug out from under my feet and now I lay on my back feeling winded and unsure of how I’m going to get up again.

How am I supposed to go on like this when everything and everyone I love feels so distant? What if this virus kills someone I know and love? When am I going to see people again?

I’ve been plagued by so many questions that I don’t have the answers to. And maybe I won’t ever have the answers, but I have learned a very valuable lesson amidst all of this.

For so long I’ve relied on people to make me feel okay, but recently that whole concept has been obliterated. I don’t have people to consistently look to everyday because I’m not seeing many people any more.

I don’t need to rely on relationships for my purpose. At the end of the day, I’ve got God and that’s all that matters. God is the one consistent strand I have had throughout my whole life. Before, during, and after this mess I know God is there and that He has control over everything.

Maybe you’re reading this and you honestly don’t care, but I urge you to think about this. If you don’t have a relationship with God or believe in Him, there is truly no better time than now to discover how beautiful, merciful, and wonderful He is.

Open up your Bible, reach out to someone, and discover who God is because He’s waiting for you. You’ll likely never have this much free time on your hands again, so take advantage of it.