Class of 2020: Their Final Moments


Danielle DuBois, News Editor

As the coronavirus has taken over the U.S, many seniors were robbed of their last golden moments in high school. Many seniors look forward to graduating with all their classmates and dancing the night away at prom. With all the schools shut down for the rest of the school year all seniors lost all of these moments. 

“I felt angry, upset, and confused. I never expected my senior year to end like this.” said senior Ashlynne Culpepper. “It’s disappointing, but I am grateful to be at home healthy and safe.”

With the class of 2020 having the rest of their senior year canceled, Mount Pisgah is working toward postponed big events such as graduation and prom. Many seniors were looking forward to the moment they could walk across the stage and receive their diploma. Other seniors were looking forward to their senior night, either in their sport or art elective. 

“I was really looking forward to Lacrosse Senior Night and our Spring Chorus Concert Senior Night.” said senior Asia Williams.

Being a senior in this time of craziness can spark lots of emotions. Maintained good mental health is key during times like these. Various seniors have decided to keep active and go outdoors to keep sane during the quarantine. Others have kept up on their devotionals and bible studies. 

“Keeping up with my daily devotion and getting in touch with my close friends is a must to keep my sanity.” said senior Ayomide Adewumi

With prom and graduation being rescheduled until late summer, many graduates are excited that their school year didn’t get completely ruined. Prom has been postponed until June and graduation has been postponed until July. Prom and Graduation are huge events for seniors because it represents the ending of their high school career and marks the new phase of their lives.

Even though this virus has brought an end to so many classic senior moments, some good has come out of it too. Many students have been allowed to explore new hobbies and spend more time with the family. 

“I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my family and pets,” said Culpepper. 

This experience has also acted as a learning curve for all students. This quarantine has given students the time to reconnect with God. During the stress of day to day life, it can be hard to remember to rely on God. “Subconsciously, I knew the casual “oh ya I need God,” but I feel like now it has been brought to my attention how much I need Him,” said Williams. 

Overall this quarantine has brought people back to their true selves. With all the uncertainty of what the future holds, seniors are taking a step back to realize what they’re missing and be grateful for the times they’ve had.

“Always appreciate the life you have and opportunities you’ve been blessed with,” said Culpepper. 

As an amazing school year concludes with an unfortunate ending, the class of 2020 reminisces on all the memories that they will never forget.