Don’t change the channel, Improv is on!

Tony Bonilla, Arts Reporter

On Thursday, November 14, the Pisgah improv team rocked the stage at their first official improv show of the year.

The team’s unofficial name is “The Birth of Democracy” and they made the audience roar with laughter during their show in H119. Each of the team members was sporting t-shirts with “The Birth of Democracy” on it along with other jokes and their nicknames for each other.

During the show, the team performed different skits and scenarios that were made up by the audience. For example, in one skit, five performers represented five different TV channels. The audience had to come up with what TV channels each student had to be and the students had to act out what TV channel the audience picked.

One of the members of the improv team, junior Owen Parker, describes being on the team as “getting to express yourself in a way that you aren’t able to at school… without too much of a filter.”

Junior, Samara Samad followed up this statement with “it’s casual and with your friends, so it just
makes it easy and fun.”

The improv show was a huge success and a big laugh so when the next show rolls around, drop the studies and get ready for a night of laughter.