Why having a newspaper is so important

Carly Phares, Head Editor

In a world where everything seems to be digital, it is easy to assume that the need for print media is essentially nonexistent. Most news is communicated through social media or by word of mouth. There is so much more that a newspaper can provide than just crossword puzzles for old people and mats for  dogs to poop.

Students are no longer forced to be spectators– they are now given the chance to be communicators that shapes the narrative of Mount Pisgah. Students have a place to share their ideas and opinions with anyone who is willing to read them.

Community is not community without shared stories. A school newspaper brings people together. It is an avenue to showcase the accomplishments of students and faculty members. 

It allows us to know more about each other so that we may be closer together.

Newspapers hold the truth of our time. They share the important aspects of a society at every given moment. News reflects reality, and continuing to print and distribute news that will last for generations is increasingly important. Digital media is so easily deleted or changed, leaving a false image of reality. Democracy allows us to communicate the truth with the first amendment, and a school newspaper is a reflection of this right.

Education is at the forefront of change. When people don’t know about something they have no ability to change it. School newspapers provide an avenue to educate students on important issues and events going on in and outside of the school walls.

A newspaper is a piece of art. The ways in which placements of articles are formulated, the location of each story and image on each page, and every written word are all carefully crafted and put together. They all contribute to the entire paper, and work to fill a communal purpose: telling a story. Not only a story, our story. Mount Pisgah’s story as a school, as a community and as a home.