Pisgah basketball preseason preview


Senior Chandler Minton (44)

Megan Childress, Sports Reporter

The Mount Pisgah boys basketball team is already making great strides towards excellence for their upcoming season. The new-look Patriots are on track to have one of their best seasons yet. With a strong group of returning players, determined newcomers, and an enthusiastic coach, the program will continue to excel.

Matt Hixenbaugh, the new dean of students, assistant head of school, and the new head coach of the Mount Pisgah men’s basketball team, expressed that he has high hopes for his team. He said that they have goals: to win the region and to go far in the state playoffs. Coach Hixenbaugh has a hardworking group of guys who only want to get better.

“The guys have worked really hard in the summer and the fall and they have a desire to work hard,” said Hixenbaugh.

Senior Chandler Minton,  junior Nate Gordon, junior Jojo Peterson, junior Nick Speros, junior Garrett Sutherland, and junior Chase Tucker are the returning six varsity players this season. If all goes according to Coach Hixenbaugh’s plan, they preform well this season.

These players have been training early in the morning before school starts and well into the night. They work day in and day out and will hopefully benefit from all their effort. They are a truly determined group of boys who are willing to do whatever it takes to win.