Senior Spotlight: Olivia Tanzy

Rebecca Dworkin, Arts Reporter

Congratulations to senior Olivia Tanzy who has been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Tanzy learned about SCAD in her junior year at Mount Pisgah, and she loved the school so much that it was the only college to which she applied. 

However, at the beginning of high school, she had planned instead to go to a big school and major in social work. “The more I grew up and learned about myself, I realized that that was not God’s plan for me,” said Tanzy. 

She is interested in majoring in jewelery design, but is undecided at the moment.

“I am just really excited for the atmosphere and everybody being creative and [that] it’s not your typical school,” Tanzy said. “I’m excited to learn about stuff that I am passionate about and to take classes that are interesting to me.”

Tanzy has always been a creative person and has managed her own jewelry company, OT’s Beads, for the past three years. Her career goals include working at Kendra Scott or owning her own jewelery business. 

At Mount Pisgah, Tanzy is very involved in the performing arts, however, she does not consider as a currently consider that to be a career path for her, but as more of a hobby.

Faith is extremely important to Tanzy, and she expects that once she is in college her faith will most likely come into question. She will miss the faith community and atmosphere at Mount Pisgah, as well as her teachers and friends. She believes that she is well prepared to face those challenges. 

Tanzy starts classes after Labor Day and is excited to begin this new chapter of her life.