Should TV and movies shows be rebooted?


Georgia Gansereit, Opinion Editor

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

From a young age, I have been told this numerous times, and eventually I was conditioned to believe it was true. As I have grown up, I have noticed that imitation is present in so many aspects of life: in relationships, businesses, and particularly in movies and television. 

In recent years, many television shows that aired decades ago have been remade with slight changes to  characters and events. But overall, these remakes have kept the same storyline as the original. 

Now the question this begs is: should shows be remade? Personally, I think the answer is yes.

As technology and culture change over time, I feel that certain shows become irrelevant, and they just don’t appeal to many audiences anymore.

Take the show Charmed for example. The original show was released on October 7, 1998, which was  22 years ago. At the time of its release, Charmed was extremely popular and went on to have eight seasons. It developed a great following, and many were sad to see it end. 

In 2018, however, the show was rebooted with an entirely new cast, storyline, and even characters. 

Despite receiving some criticism, many applauded the reboot for incorporating elements of today’s culture and political issues, while also maintaining certain elements from the original. 

One company who is famous, or maybe infamous, for remakes is Disney. One very popular example of their remakes is their live-action remake of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast.

Released in 2017, this highly anticipated remake pleased millions of viewers around the world, bringing the original story to life (literally). Many praised Disney for preserving the magic of the original.

The original Beauty and the Beast is an animated movie that was released in 1991. Although it’s a classic, the remake preserves the original story while incorporating new aspects of modern life, appealing to today’s audiences.  

Although many people may feel hesistant when they hear that their favorite show or movie is being remade, the rebooted version, if done well, can maintain the original story while keeping it relevant and pleasing modern audiences.