Australian fires extinguished, but new danger in sight

Georgia Gansereit, Assistant Editor

Today, after several long and grueling months, the catastrophic fires that ravaged major parts of Australia have been put out. Thanks to a tropical storm, torrential rainfall finally contained the bushfires burning all across the continent. Although it may seem like Australia’s problems are finally over, the reality is that they are just beginning. 

Due to such heavy rainfall, many areas have been flooded; areas in which the bushfires had already destroyed. Not only that, but dams are breaking, trees are falling, and there are major mudslides. People have been forced to evacuate their homes, unsure if they will still be there once they return. 

After such devastation caused by bushfires and drought, rain was what people were praying for–no one expected it to cause even worse problems. However, some places were hit much harder than others. According to BBC News, “Sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years.” 

There is also the issue of wildlife. An estimated 1 billion animals have died due to recent events. Many charities are accepting donations to help injured animals, and, eventually, the forests will regrow.

On top of all of the climate-related issues, Australia is now facing many financial issues. The cost of rebuilding after the bushfires was already extremely high, and now the expenses are even greater. Despite all the fundraising and donations, Australia is facing great economic challenges, specifically in the decline of tourism since the fires started.

Estimated costs of recovery are in the billions, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Despite such hard times however, people still remain hopeful. 

Many Australians believe the recent events to be a sign that they should prepare and ready themselves for the next natural disaster. “Scientists say Australia should have been better prepared, because what is happening has long been predicted,” stated the New York Times. 

It is impossible to know why natural disasters occur, but a common belief is that they are to help strengthen those who are affected. The people of Australia are working to rebuild their beloved home, and are now preparing themselves for whatever Mother Nature will throw at them next.