Table for one?


Diane Chung, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving break serves as a well-needed rest period for students and teachers. The brief one-week time away allows families to gather and fulfill their yearly traditions. However, due to COVID-19, many families’ plans have been forced to change. 

Senior Brock Foley’s plans, fortunately, have not been altered because of the virus. “Every year, my family gathers on Thanksgiving day and we watch football,” Foley says, “We don’t have any specific traditions, we just hang out, talk, and eat. I’m looking forward to eating pumpkin pie.”

Junior Tiwa Darmola says, “My Thanksgiving plans haven’t changed. We’ll do what we always do, just eat and talk. I usually eat mashed potatoes because they are my favorite.”

Unlike Foley and Darmola, sophomore Brady Nardella says his plans for break have most likely changed because of COVID-19.  He says every year his family comes together and “eats and watches the parade,” but is unsure how they will celebrate Thanksgiving this year. 

History teacher Paul Martini is not  as enthusiastic about this holiday as others because of his “beef with the Pilgrims.” However, he sets aside his dislike and celebrates Thanksgiving with his family every year. 

Like Nardella, Martini is unsure what Thanksgiving for him will entail this year. Mr. Martini and his family usually “go out to eat [at a buffet restaurant]” as opposed to cooking and staying in. 

Math teacher Jody Johnson goes all out when celebrating Thanksgiving. She carries on traditions that have been in her family for generations. “Every year I do all the cooking. I cook a 26 pound  turkey along with all the appropriate side dishes. I also bake individual pies for every family member, so everyone has their own little pie.” 

Johnson’s plans have changed but not because of the virus but because of her children’s bustling schedules. Fortunately, her family has found time to celebrate the Saturday after Thanksgiving and her plans persist despite being delayed for a couple of days. 

Despite COVID-19, many families are finding alternate ways to celebrate and no doubt Thanksgiving will bring full stomachs and happy smiles.