The death of cinemas

Georgia Gansereit, Opinion Editor

Almost exactly one year ago, the world completely shut down. Everyone was quarantined in their homes, businesses closed, and millions lost their jobs. 

One market that was hit particularly hard was movie theaters. Even before the pandemic, movie theaters were slowly on the decline thanks to the rise of streaming services. COVID-19, however, even further depleted such theaters. One of the largest movie theater companies, AMC, has suffered a great deal in the past year. 

Before the pandemic even started, AMC was 5 billion dollars in debt after buying out some of their competitors and upgrading the seats in their theaters ( 

However, they are now in deeper trouble, and the future looks bleak. Although COVID-19 played a large part in these unfortunate times, I think the streaming services and movie companies are also to blame. 

Many movie theater companies across the country, including AMC, are trying their best to re-open to the public. They are allowing people to rent entire theaters to themselves, they are enforcing social distancing, and they are only selling half of their capacity–yet they are still dying. 

Why is this? Well, companies like Warner Bros and HBO are joining forces to keep the newest movies out of the theaters. 

Huge movie releases, such as The Matrix 4, Godzilla vs. Kong, and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It are all set to be released directly onto HBOMax later this year, completely leaving movie theaters in the dust.

Although such companies claim that these movies will still be released to the theaters, in this day and age who would pass up the opportunity to stay home and just stream new releases? 

Now I cannot speak for everyone, but I personally do not agree with this. I have so many great memories of going to the movies with my friends and family, and it brings me great sadness to see them struggling so much. 

I feel like there’s something really special about going to a midnight premiere of the latest Marvel movie, or getting super unhealthy, buttery popcorn to share with your friends. 

However, thanks to companies like Warner Bros and HBO, movie theaters are fading away. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Netflix and Disney+, but I don’t think anything can replace the experience that is had at a movie theater.

Now, is there any way for us to try and save movie theaters? I’m not entirely sure.

  I think the only thing that can really be done is to get out and try to find one to go to, and to enjoy them while they’re still around.