Mount Pisgah sends two to All State


Nadia Priyam playing violin as a child

Aida Yarbou, Staff Reporter

All-State season is here for all band, chorus, and orchestra students in the state of Georgia and each participant is preparing for their audition. 

All-State orchestra is an opportunity for string players to audition in order to qualify to play with the best student musicians in the state. There are two rounds of auditions, and if the musician qualifies for the first round, he or she will continue to the second. If the individual continues to the second round, he or she will qualify to play in the state-wide orchestra.

Two Mount Pisgah students—junior Nadia Priyam and sophomore Dean Ji—are participating this year. 

They both have been playing the violin for eight years and are amidst preparing for the second round. Priyam has participated in All-State for four years including this year, and Ji has made the first round of All-State two times before. 

Much preparation goes into both students’ practices, and Ji and Priyam utilize the opportunity to practice both in school and at home. 

“In order for me to prepare, I practice and get lessons from a teacher,” stated Ji. 

Priyam added that she “usually [practices] five to six days a week for about thirty to ninety minutes each day.”

The two have the opportunity to prepare during school hours. During their orchestra class, the two review their pieces with orchestra teacher Nicholas Wheeler, and the class gives the performers a mock audition.

The theory is that giving Ji and Priyam a mock audition helps them better prepare for the real audition in the spring. 

“In the auditions, we usually play scales, music excerpts, and sight read,” said Priyam. “In the All-State Orchestra, we play and practice three to six full orchestra pieces.”

The date is still to be determined, but it is predicted to be in March or April. 

Despite the dedicated practices and mock auditions held in class, the two are still feeling the pre-show jitters. 

“I feel excited and nervous because it’s fun practicing but also difficult to make the final round of [All-State],” Ji said. 

Priyam added that she is “both very excited and nervous for All-State this year, but mostly [she is] excited because it’s an amazing experience.”